Professional Event Staffing Services



It’s not just that our servers and bartender are competent. Our staff understands what the occasion calls for. Servers with Event Staffing by Paige arrive dressed in a manner that compliments your event. They also know your food and beverage menu. Most importantly, they’re experienced enough to the know how to coordinate their efforts so that, every step of the way, your guests are taken care of and you can think about more important things.

We have experience staffing a number of different types of parties. There are none yet that we can’t manage. For private events, we’ll work in your home indoors or outdoors. Also, we serve clients through seasonal holidays, through joyous occasions like weddings and graduations, and also business launches, grand openings. No matter the purpose, we understand that this event should be a direct reflection of all the good that you’re doing.


Coordinate with your food delivery service and verify orders
Provide buffet service:
Keep the buffet clean and hot
Tear down buffet
Greet your guests
Check coats
Offer beverages
Plate and pass hors d’oeuvres
Store left over food
Maintain restrooms: Stock toilet paper, Stock hand towels, Clear waste basket
Remove trash and recyclables


Superior Planning with Event Staffing by Paige

As you envision your event, what do you see? Your guests are welcomed and offered a beverage. They immediately begin to feel comfortable. If they have coats or shawls, they are guided to coat check, where their belongings are carefully handled and stored away until needed again. Moving through the room, they are offered hors d’oeuvres. Later, seated at their well-laid table, each course of the meal is plated and drinks are refreshed. Meanwhile, other members of the staff are coordinating with each other to ensure each guests has what she needs. They are clearing and cleaning spaces where food is prepped and walking the room to clear and clean spaces where people are talking and enjoying themselves. Then, at the close to the event, the staff stores leftover food, removes trash and recyclables, and returns the space to its original state.

Fortunately, you don’t have to imagine this. This is what Event Staffing by Paige makes into a reality. With our team of servers and bartenders, you don’t have to perform double duty at your own event. Let us be the host. You have more important things to do. Prepare your well-wishes, your pitches, or your toasts. We’ll cover you.


Certified Professional Bartenders

Our certified bartenders will build out a serving station in whatever area or space you designate. He or she will prepare and serve drinks, and clean up. Specialty cocktails are made to order and your bartender will have a substantial repertoire of recipes. Each bartender is equipped with a bar kit that includes a spill stop, wine opener, jigger, ice scoop, shaker, strainer, and bottle opener.


Entertaining often involves a complex list of responsibilities. It often means you won’t be spending a lot of time with your guests. That’s why you hire a service team from Event Staffing by Paige. Our staffing service takes care of all the details so you can do other things and, maybe, enjoy yourself.

Event Staffing by Paige brings together a team of professionally trained and certified servers and bartenders backed by years of experience in catering and fine dining. Our courteous, unobtrusive, and hardworking wait staff cuts the worry out of the process, providing support from start to finish.

Now that you know we can do the job, let us know what sort of event you’re planning. Together we will develop a plan tailored to your specific needs.

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