Meet Your Hostess - Paige Logan


“We create a seamless experience from beginning to end – from the initial greetings to the most successful finale of your event.” – Paige


I knew I could succeed with Event Staffing by Paige because I’ve done this work. I have waitressed in many hotels and fine-dining establishments. Before launching the company in 2017, I had a wonderful mentor in the woman I worked for. That’s how I became skilled at this business, learned what resources are required and what kind of team to assemble.

There’s a difference between being a hostess in someone else’s home and your own. As a staffer myself for five years, I saw how mindfully each house was maintained and decorated. I appreciated what it meant to serve in those spaces. Over time, I have acquired an eye for detail and a keen understanding of how to manage events for affluent clients.

The heart of Event Staffing by Paige, what sustains our growth, is the process of nurturing relationships. Successful event staffing and management is all about people. What’s more, it brings me so much joy to work with clients and have a positive influence on their lives. 

After clients are happy with me, they’re introduced to my waitstaff and bartenders. The nature of this work means that the main event is our one and only opportunity to perform flawlessly. Part of the preparation is building the team. For our staffing teams to be successful, they need a cohesive mission. The work we do can be labor intensive. We must deliver on our promise to meet the client’s needs, so it’s important for people to remain level-headed and conscious of etiquette, of manners. In other words, I look for people who can handle the challenges of the job with grace.

A few years ago I had a woman on my team with impeccable standards, she crossed every “t” and dotted every “i”. She was just as aware of what her appearance conveyed – her hair and nails were always presentable – as she was of the nuances of serving in a private home. At the end of the night, she wiped the inside of the sink. That degree of care, to leave the the space clean, right down to droplets of water, reflected the respect she had for the client.

It seems like such a small thing. The client that night may not have noticed her sink was dry. She would have been aware though, that after an entire night of enjoying her guests, the most work she would have done was checking the doors and turning out the lights. Event Staffing by Paige carried everything off without a hitch. That’s what matters and she’ll tell her friends.

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